About Tradewater

About Tradewater

In an age where we are all more health & eco-conscious, it’s wise to avoid the use of products containing harmful chemicals, whenever possible. Our Tradewater™ line of all-natural eco-friendly products are just what you are looking for. We currently offer the elite line of MaviGreen all-natural cleaning products.

Tradewater™ was born out of a need to replace traditional cleaning products with all-natural options. We cater to a growing number of people who desire to have natural alternatives that are not only better for them and their families, but also safer for their pets and better for the environment. For years, we manufactured these products for the bulk distribution market as well as third party brands. We are based in Riviera Beach, Florida and now manufacture and distribute our own line of products directly to consumers throughout the United States. We are made in the USA and here to stay!

Tim Carroll, our President, has over twenty five years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of all-natural products. Over this period of time, he has perfected his expertise in the formulation and development of products that are in demand in the health and medical industries. Even though the medical device business has always been a favorite of his, helping startups to develop new products so that they can succeed is also something he enjoys. At Tradewater™, we cultivate good manufacturing practices by following FDA, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 operating procedures. Our marketing staff, manufactures’ representatives, technicians and network of distributors are all committed to the development of new and improved products for you, all made right here in the USA!.