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Celebrating International Earth Day


International Earth Day was celebrated on March 20th worldwide and is dedicated to educating people on how we as individuals can help take better care of our Earth. Most people probably already know how they can help the planet by taking small steps, i.e., unplugging their devices/ chargers, turning off water when not in use, recycling, reusing and more. Those are all great and still make a wonderful difference, but this year, we want you to add our natural products to your list!

Many of the products that you use everyday are filled with toxic chemicals. According to this article, cleaning solutions, air freshener, antibacterial soap and flea and tick medicine make up some of the most toxic household items that you use daily. By switching to natural products, you limit the release of toxic chemicals usually found in these products which is a win-win for your health and the environment. At the same time, limiting the release of toxic chemicals has a direct benefit for your kids and pets too. Most conventional cleaning products carry a warning label that says ‘keep out of reach of children’. This is because their toxic ingredients can cause death by consumption, or if they come into contact with the sensitive skin of children, they cause rashes and burns. With natural products, you don’t have to worry about your kids or pets being poisoned by consumption. Our MaviGreen natural products are completely safe for use around children and pets and they have no effect on your skin. This means you can even ditch the gloves when you’re cleaning!

If you head over to your cupboard under you sink, etc...right now, you probably have one or more of these items in there: mouse traps, rat poison, pest control spray or some type of insect repellent spray (Are we right?) Well here at Tradewater, we offer natural alternatives to all of these items in our DePestem natural pest control product line. We designed our products to make your life easier by providing family-friendly, inexpensive options that are easy-to-use and have little to no impact on our environment. Our philosophy is simple, the ecosystems in our environment require insects and rodents to survive and if we kill these necessary creatures, we are doing a disservice to our environment and by extension, ourselves. We empower you to keep your home free of pests without killing them. Our natural repellent products allow rodents and insects to return to the environment and keep the cycle of life going.

Because we care so much about satisfying our customers’ needs, we went a step further and made our products easy to access with an easily navigable website and free, straight-to-your-door delivery. Our direct delivery does more than just add convenience though, we save critical energy by not unnecessarily transporting water and plastic across the country or by contributing to usage of HVAC energy in storage rooms and on shelves at general stores and supermarkets. Because we ship our products in concentrate and you add them with water to your reusable spray bottle, there is a reduction of plastic spray bottles heading to the landfill to spend 400 million years decomposing. Also, the weight of transporting water in other products makes absolutely no sense and weighs heavily both on the environment and your wallet.

Essentially, International Earth Day is about committing to show the Earth everyday just how much you love it. Check out this piece we wrote about how to show your love with our MaviGreen and DePestem products. Join the natural movement and change your life forever by purchasing one of our subscription plans at!

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