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Cleaning Made Easy With The MaviGreen All-purpose Cleaner


You’re looking forward to an amazing holiday season, filled with parties, intimate family get togethers and large dinners. But before the guests start flocking in, you need a clean and inviting kitchen/ dining room that will impress them all and leave a smirk on your face. We have the perfect cleaning solution to accomplish exactly that…. the MaviGreen All-purpose Cleaner.

The MaviGreen All-purpose Cleaner is a natural botanical blend that uses the power of natural ingredients and citrus to cut through even the most stubborn grease, grime, mold and mildew. It’s perfect for cleaning anything, from tile and hardwood floors to countertops, greasy ovens, cabinets, microwaves, refrigerators and more…the uses are endless.

This cleaner is also probably the simplest cleaner you’ve ever had to use. It comes in a precise concentrate tube which you empty into a spray bottle filled with water and voila… you now have a powerful natural cleaner that gets the job done without exposing your whole family and pets to toxic chemicals and fumes.

All of the exclusive line of MaviGreen natural cleaning products are manufactured by Tradewater. Tradewater recently introduced subscription plans and bundle packages that make ordering your MaviGreen cleaning supplies much easier. Currently, you can order a 3 month supply of concentrate shots for only $12.74. Let us help you cut through the grease and the mess, visit our website to browse our powerful line of products and to subscribe.

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