Natural Pest Deterrent

DePestem - The Ultimate Natural Pest Control


DePestem was created to fill a hole in the pest control market. Our 100% natural formula keeps pests out of your space, our products are affordable, doesn’t kill pests and it’s safe for your entire family and pets. How can one product do all of that? It’s actually really simple, and we’re excited to tell you all about it.

First we start out with a unique blend of essential oils that are completely safe for your skin, for your kids’ skin and for your pet dog/cat to smell. Next, those essential oils are encapsulated, amplified and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. These negatively charged molecules are drawn to positively charged “pests” like a magnet. This confuses the pests, causing them to release pheromones to warn others of the same species to stay away.

It’s simple science why the pests react this way, but what’s important for you to know is that our pest deterrents are made from all-natural ingredients which do not cause harm to you, your children or your pets, even if swallowed or touched directly. Our pest repellent products have been tested and tried in many places, from the Amazon rainforest to homes and offices all across America. Our deterrents successfully repel ants, mosquitoes, rats, mice, flies, cockroaches, spiders, snakes, etc. just to name a few.

So whether it’s a storage box, cupboard or an entire home/ office that needs the best in natural pest repellents, we’ve got a product to fit that need. Browse our Depestem products online at
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