Natural Pest Deterrent

Keep Pests Away With DePestem Pest Repellent Pouches


Winter is the coldest season of the year, and while we’re lucky to have furnaces, warm clothing and fireplaces to keep us warm, our animal counterparts don’t. Instead, they gravitate towards warm places in our homes, such as cabinets, boxes and drawers. Keep your home safe from unwanted critters this season with our all-natural DePestem pest repellent pouches… they are safe for your family and they’re cruelty free!

Our pest repellent pouches are 100% natural and are designed to be placed in storage containers and small areas to keep unwanted insects away without killing them. Because our formula is made entirely from essential oils, you don’t have anything to worry about if your child or pet comes into contact with it.

So how exactly does this work? Our pouches offer long lasting protection through the power of essential oils which are encapsulated, amplified and time-released from inside a negatively charged polymer. These negatively charged molecules are drawn to positively charged “pests” like a magnet. This causes pest to release pheromones to warn others of the same species to stay away. So there are no harsh chemicals involved and you don’t have to deal with any dead animals. Our pouches will repel any pest or rodent imaginable and will work typically for at least months before you should replace them. They are available for use in any enclosed space that might attract pests, i.e. kitchen cabinets, storage cabinets/boxes, lockers, irrigation time clocks, etc.

This season we are encouraging you to take the humane approach to dealing with the creepy crawlers that are bound to invade your space. Don’t kill them, instead - repel them with our DePestem line of products. We’ve also made obtaining our products easier with the introduction of subscription plans. Presently, you can receive a 1 pound supply of granules for $26.99 every 6 months, or select another subscription if you’re catering for a larger household or commercial use. Visit our website to browse our safe and effective line of products and to subscribe.

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