Natural Pest Deterrent

Love, The Environment And YOU!


Valentine’s Day is that special time of year when we go out of our way to show the people we love just how much we care about them. Everything is in the air and on the cards from extravagant gifts, thoughtful gestures and small acts of love. This Valentine’s Day, we want to encourage you to step away from the conventional for a change. Why not forego the mushy cards, tasty chocolates and give a more thoughtful gift? What better way is there to show the special people in your life your love than by protecting them? Protect them from harmful chemicals, toxic fumes, disease-causing germs and bacteria and annoying critters with natural cleaning or pest control products. Also, enjoy the additional reward of caring for the environment in the process.

There are so many ways to show your love with our natural’s just a few:

  • Most cleaning products contain between 75 - 90% water. This water gets shipped and transported all across the country, increasing carbon monoxide emissions unnecessarily. On top of that, these bottles of mostly water then get stored on store shelves and in stock rooms where they use up HVAC energy increasing the carbon footprint of some of your favorite stores. Also, you have to go to that store to buy you items...again more emissions. Simply put, that is a very inefficient system to purchase cleaning products. Our cleaning products are shipped in concentrate, directly to your door… you add your own water and you’re good to go. Great for your wallet and the environment too!
  • It takes about 450 years for plastic bottles to decompose. Every time you buy a regular cleaning product, it comes in a plastic spray bottle or another type of plastic bottle. When you’re done, that bottle gets thrown in the thrash then eventually ends up in a landfill where it won’t decompose for another half millenium. Our MaviGreen products are shipped in concentrate form, you reuse your existing spray bottle, meaning far fewer spray bottles take up residence in a landfill or in the ocean for the next few hundred years. Simple decisions make a difference!
  • One of the biggest ways we can show love to our environment is by protecting the animals that keep our ecosystems healthy. There’s really no benefit to killing common rodents and insects, especially when there’s the option of repelling them with a natural product. Our DePestem line allows you to keep your home/office/garage/storage shed (or typically anywhere that pests can make themselves comfortable) pest-free with an easy-to-use, completely natural product. Also, we are running a pre summer special on our bug spray that works the same way. Truth is, creatures aren’t pests unless they invade our personal space. Most creatures aren’t trying to disrupt our lives, they are simply looking for food and a warm place to shelter, so let’s not kill them, instead let’s De-Pestem them.

You love your children and pets, so you should do what you can to protect them as well. Buying natural products is an easy decision to make that leads to a safer home. We created our products with our customers in mind. We looked at the market and found which products were the most toxic, then we set out to create alternatives that would have less impact on the environment, you...our customers, and who/ what you care about most...all while saving you money.

As our Valentine’s gift to you, we are offering you the chance to try a sample of our products, absolutely free! Our sample pack includes 2 shots of our MaviGreen natural cleaner and 1 DePestem pocket pen natural pest repellent spray. Visit our website at to take that first step and also why not give a more thoughtful Valentines gift this year.

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