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Make Spring Cleaning Easy With MaviGreen!


The sun is out a little longer, there’s no need to wear as much layers and flowers are starting to bloom, all telltale signs that the seasons are changing. Spring is here so you know what that means… it’s time for spring cleaning! This spring, you might be looking for a natural cleaner that can fulfill the demands of cleaning your entire home, and we’ve got the answer.

This spring, you simply have to try the MaviGreen all-purpose and citrus heavy duty NATURAL cleaners. Both of our natural cleaning products are ideal for every use imaginable. Our all-purpose natural cleaner works well for your basic tasks, such as wiping down shelves, stoves, cupboards and scrubbing floors. Our citrus heavy duty natural cleaner is perfect for tasks that require a little more “elbow-grease” like cleaning limescale and soap scum from your bathroom tile, mold from under your kitchen sink and more. Outdoor chores like cleaning grills, patios, and windows can be a little intimidating, but if you have our MaviGreen citrus heavy duty natural cleaner, they will be more than manageable.

We also offer a Roof and Paver concentrate cleaner by the gallon. This is perfect for cleaning driveways, walkways, power washing decks, patios or any outside surface, including windows. Its effective for removing mold, mildew, moss and wear and tear stains. It’s the perfect cleaning solution for all your power washing needs.

Our cleaners are made from natural ingredients, but that doesn’t make them any less fact quite the contrary. They are perfect for use everywhere you can imagine, from floors and windows to bathrooms and countertops. The best part about our MaviGreen line of natural cleaners isn’t the multitude of uses but their eco-friendliness. Our MaviGreen products are made from natural and plant derived ingredients and are shipped in concentrate, which means less plastic waste and less logistical transport/ shelf storage footprint. You simply use an old spray bottle you already have at home (or purchase a reusable one from us) and mix the concentrate shot with water. This is the main reason we’ve been able to make our product prices so affordable, because you don’t have to pay for the shipping of water or unnecessary plastic… you only pay for the cleaning product you need.

As if those weren’t benefits enough, our products are shipped directly to your door for free! That means, no more running to the store, no more trying to decide between a bleach cleaner or a non-bleach cleaner, lavender, citrus or fresh breeze scented cleaners. Instead you get a family-friendly, budget-friendly, multi-use natural cleaning product without any of the fuss.

So this spring, tackle your seasonal chores with the help of a natural cleaner that saves you money, saves the environment and won’t clutter your cabinets. Discover the power of natural cleaning with MaviGreen. Check out our subscription plans and bundle packages available on our website.

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