Tradewater™ carries the elite line of MaviGreen all-natural cleaning s



Why Pay For Water?

Why Pay For Bottles and Sprayers?

MaviGreen Naturally Derived cleaning solutions are Powerful Yet Safe For Your Family and Pets.

Why should you pay exorbitant prices for conventional cleaners that may be over 90% water? MaviGreen products are available in concentrate form, simply add your own water and double the savings.

Did you know 75% of the cost of a conventional cleaner is the spray bottle? MaviGreen offers you have the option of reusing your spray bottle or using a spray bottle you already own by buying our concentrate vials.

Bypass the middle man and retailers buying direct from the manufacture. Saving your family time and time again.

All-purpose Cleaner

Citrus Heavy Duty Cleaner

Roof and Tile Concentrate Cleaner

Hand Scrub

Avoid the use of products containing harmful chemicals. Instead, enjoy the all-natural clean of MaviGreen!