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MaviGreen - The Truly Natural Cleaner That Actually Works!


It has become even more important for us to find ways to decrease our carbon footprint and make sure our planet will still be in good shape for future generations. One step toward this is replacing products that are traditionally laden with chemicals with natural, eco-friendly ones. According to this article, household cleaners are ranked as the 3rd most toxic everyday product. We created MaviGreen to provide, you...our customers with an affordable option that's not only extremely safe, but also good for the environment.

MaviGreen is made from a unique blend of botanical ingredients. Our formula makes using our products around children and pets a safe option. You no longer have to worry about exposing yourself or your family to toxic fumes and harsh chemicals through cleaning products. But not only are our products safe for you and your family, they are also 100% biodegradable so they’re great for the environment too!

It doesn’t stop there, we’ve gone above and beyond just making our products safe for your family and the environment. We created a way to help you save money on the cost of the product itself. The truth is: most cleaners, whether conventional or natural, are made of 75 - 90% water and each time you buy them, you get a new spray bottle. We ship our cleaners in concentrate form, so you can reuse your existing spray bottle and you add your own water. What this means is you don’t have to pay for the shipping of water or a new spray bottle each time, which over time will save you lots of money. Also, you’re doing your part to keep plastic out of our landfills.

Our MaviGreen line of products include an all-purpose cleaner, citrus heavy duty cleaner, hand scrub, foaming hand cleanser and our professional grade roof and paver cleaner. We provide all you need so go ahead and fire your current cleaning products! We also offer bundle plans and subscription packages, so you can get all the cleaning products you need, delivered straight to your door every 3 months in quantities suited to the size of your family. Visit to learn more about our products. If you sign up today, your first shot will be on us!

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