Natural Pest Deterrent

Meet Tim Carroll, A Man With A Vision


Tim Carroll has spent more than two decades in the manufacturing industry. What started as a simple business decision more than 25 years ago has now blossomed into one of the most interesting and exciting brands of natural products on the market in recent years. A graduate of the University of Florida as well as the St. John School of Theology and Seminary, Tim has always had a knack for creating and developing things. After acquiring Mavidon in 1993, Tim spent years developing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices and still runs that strong and vibrant, although he will readily admit it runs itself these days thanks to his incredible team members.

That said, in 2004, Tim decided to acquire a company, which was previously owned by a chemist that was dedicated to developing a natural cleaning formula unlike any other. It took some time to develop the “perfect” natural product, but finally success was achieved. Using his previous business model, Tim initially marketed and sold the product in bulk only to distributors, commercial entities and medical operations. While that is still the case, the decision was reached in 2017 to make it accessible for purchase by individuals directly from the manufacturer for use in their homes and offices. As they say, the rest is history and Mavigreen...was and is...officially on its way to becoming a household name.

Tim describes himself as motivated and hard-working. He has a never-quit attitude and always chooses to see the bright side of things. He also values the input of others on his team, and he likes working with his tight-knit group of employees to develop products he can feel proud of and products that help us all and the world we share. Tim is dedicated to furthering his passion and love for making products that are good for the environment, cost-effective and safe for use by the whole family. However, it’s not all about work as Tim has quite an active life outside of the factory. An avid golfer, outdoorsman, and mentor. . Tim is also a dedicated husband to his wife Tiffany and three children, David, Jonathan and Julie.

Tim takes great pride in the MaviGreen and DePestem natural brands. If you’d like to get in contact with Tim, simply email him at He loves talking about his passion and if free samples are what you’re after then he’ll be sure to oblige!

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