Natural Pest Deterrent

Save More This Black Friday With A DePestem Bundle!


Save big on natural pest repellent products by purchasing a DePestem bundle! We at Tradewater believe natural is always the way to go, when we’re talking about pest control. Our DePestem line of natural pest control products is perfect for keeping your home (or office, commercial building, etc) free from pesky critters without having to kill them. While, DePestem’s products are already well priced in the natural pest control space, especially considering how much more effective they are than other “supposed” natural products. Better prices and more effective individual products is just the beginning though as quite often we run specials and discounts on top of those great prices. Even with all that considered, we still went even deeper into our margins to reward customers that are loyal and utilize our full line of products with our BUNDLE PRICING.

For example, our small household DePestem bundle includes:

  • 1 Pound Granules
  • 4-Two oz insect Repellent Spray
  • 3 pouches

Priced separately, purchase of these products would cost you $80.92, but with our bundles, you pay $64.99 and now with our Black Friday discount, we’ve lowered the bundle price to just $58.49. We invite you to try the green lifestyle, help save the environment and improve your health by trying our DePestem bundle. Subscribe to automatically receive bundle refills every 3 months. Oh and keep in mind, if your products end up lasting longer than three months, simply log into your account and postpone the refill/ recharge by a month or two at no additional cost to you.

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