Natural Pest Deterrent

Step Out Of The Conventional - Give Your Employees That Natural Gift.


Whether Christmas, weddings, birthdays, Employee-of-the-Month, employment anniversary or some other significant achievements, giving your employees a gift helps them to feel valued and appreciated. Most managers/owners will go the traditional route, buying a card, gift certificate etc., but why not consider giving a more practical and unique gift this time around?

This year, we’re encouraging you to give your employees the gift of natural. Using natural products is better for your health, the health of your family and the environment. Encourage your employees to take a step in the right direction by providing natural products to them so they can see for themselves the difference ‘going natural’ makes. Over the past few months, we’ve noticed an uptake of business owners gifting our bundles to their employees and we agree that it’s a thoughtful and unique way to show your employees your appreciation while emphasizing your values.

Gifting our natural products also works the opposite way. Employees can also gift our products to their employers on significant occasions. Finding an appropriate yet thoughtful gift for your supervisor on their birthday, anniversary or other meaningful occasion can often be difficult. With our products, you can show your supervisors how much you appreciate them with a thoughtful and environmentally friendly gift.

The best part is the variety of products we offer. You can certainly find a product that matches the specific person’s hobbies. Let’s say, you have an employee or coworker that loves hiking or camping, our DePestem natural insect repellent spray would be perfect for them. Or if you have an employee that enjoys working on vintage cars or motorcycles, gifting them our MaviGreen hand scrub would be ideal for helping them clean up after a long day in the garage. The possibilities are numerous and if you’re not sure a simple browse of our website will give you tons of ideas. Or go all out and get them a bundle, that way they get to enjoy each one of our products which all have a variety of uses.

Our products are currently distributed under two lines: MaviGreen and DePestem. MaviGreen is our line of natural cleaning products and DePestem is our natural line of pest control products. Take advantage of our subscription plans which we offer for each of our products as well as bundle packages. All our products are delivered for free. You can browse our selection of products online at

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